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Preparatory Training

powered by AOK

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Free preparation training for everyone under the expert supervision of head coach Tony Tomsich and coaches and athletes of LAV Stadtwerke Tübingen.


The training takes place twice a week.

Tuesdays: endurance runs from 4 to 12 km

Thursdays: interval and intensity training


All runners who would like to participate - no matter if it is your first 10km run or your hundredth. We offer a professional and social training that will broaden your running experience and prepare you perfectly for the Erbe Run.


Participation in preparatory training is at the risk of the participants.


From 28.06.2022 Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.30 p.m.


Meeting place for Tuesdays: University Sports Hall, Alberstraße 27 at the Finnenbahn.
Meeting place for Thursdays: SV 03 Stadium, Europastraße 40 (opposite the public baths).

Please note

  • Please arrive at the meeting place dressed for action

  • There are no changing rooms or showers at the venue

  • The training will take place in all weathers


Learn more about head coach Tony Tomsich and the LAV Stadtwerke Tübingen here

Health Check

Health and sport survey

(only available in german)

Endurance sport practised properly is the most effective way of maintaining your health and performance to a ripe old age. To support you in your sporting activities and prevent any potential health threats, we would kindly ask you to complete the short health and sport survey. The data are scientifically documented by the German Sports University (Deutsche Sporthochschule) in Cologne.

Once you have completed the survey, an assessment will be sent directly to you. However, this is not a sports medical health check.


Your health is in your hands, please treat it with care and attention!

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Data protection note

Data collected via the anonymous survey is analysed solely for scientific purposes. The survey contains no personal data (for example, name, address, postal address, telephone number) and cannot be linked back to your person.


Virtual Training

In addition to the actual training powered by AOK, the various additional documents below are available to support preparation for the 29th Tübingen Erbe Run.

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The most beautiful running routes around Tübingen

Below are some ideas for runs in and around Tübingen.
Along with a route plan, there is a description of the route, a route profile and features of the route.

Open-air Pool Circuit
3.2 km

Steinlach Circuit
6.7 km

WHO North Ring Circuit
3.2 km

Rotes-Tor Circuit
7.2 km

Österberg Circuit
4.7 km

Neckar Valley Circuit
10.2 km

Lustnau Circuit
5.8 km

Kirnbachtal Circuit
5 km

Heuberger Gate (Tor) -WHO circuit
8.8 km

Training Programs

You can find below training programs for 10 km runs designed for beginners and advanced runners. The training period for these is 8 weeks with 3 units per week.


Training videos

The following training videos are designed to supplement the preparatory training.

Within this, there are videos especially for hand-bikers available as well as videos with functional training units. The videos with functional exercises have been created via the medsports training and health center.