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Thank you for running!

13,819 kilometers collected during the Virtual Charity Run

result in a donation of 6,910 euros for DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS.

The management of Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH has decided

to increase this sum to  10,000 euros .

Congratulations and many thanks to all participants!


have collected their kilometers all over the world.

126 Erbe Roadrunners

formed again the largest team in 2022 - also in the Erbe Run.


started for the good cause.

Help reaches twice

Helping can be so simple. And this is precisely what makes it so special. By doing the Virtual Charity Run, we are doing something good for our health and helping others at the same time.

​How does this work?

Erbe Elektromedizin has launched the Virtual Charity Run as part of its Tübingen Erbe Run. ​This year our donation will go to our social partner DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS: They will receive 50 Cents for every kilometer one of us runs in the event.

Anyone who takes part in the Erbe Run in Tübingen on September 18 will donate their kilometers to the Tübinger Tafel e. V. .

As the Erbe community we are united through team spirit and our sense of social responsibility.

We want to make an exceptional contribution through joint effort: Be exceptional and join our community!



Registration for the Virtual Charity Run 2022 is now open. You can be part of it too!



Become a member of our Erbe Roadrunner community. Together with friends and family worldwide you can run for a good cause. The larger our community is, the larger the donation will be. Join in!


For every kilometer one of us runs, 50 Cents go to this year’s social partner: DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS (Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)).


More than 800 people took part in last year's Virtual Charity Run, covering almost 27,000 kilometers together. Runners from several countries collected money for the construction of the Tübingen Hospice with every step they took. 


The Erbe Roadrunners are our team - the team of Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH. What connects us? Our team spirit. Anyone who enjoys running can join us.


Whether in Germany or anywhere else in the world: form a team and join in!


No matter how, no matter where, no matter when.


Many people have discovered the joy of running during the pandemic period. 

You can run as often as you like between September 10 and September 18, 2022, and collect your miles for a good cause.


You are not a sporting ace? That doesn’t matter. This is all about people who need our help.

Every kilometer counts.



DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS (Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)) provides emergency medical aid worldwide in crisis and war zones and after natural disasters.

The international organization helps quickly, efficiently and unbureaucratically - without asking about the origin, religion or political convictions of the people affected.
The international and national staff of DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS work in around 70 countries - doctors and nurses, midwives and logisticians. They treat sick and wounded people, care for malnourished children or provide clean drinking water and latrines.


No emergency aid without donations

Humanitarian aid is not free - and DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS works without government funding in order to be able to help people in need regardless of political interests. Only private donations make the emergency aid missions of DOCTORS WITHOUT FRONTIERS possible - from supporters who think across borders about people in need.


The history of the Erbe Roadrunners goes back to 1998. An Erbe sales employee brought together a team of 10 co-workers to enter what was then known as the Tübingen City Run. Managing Directors Christian O. Erbe and Reiner Thede supported the sports initiative, had T-shirts printed for the group and invited all the runners to breakfast after the event. This breakfast became a real tradition, like the one established for the annual Tübingen punt race, with the slowest participant receiving a bottle of cod liver oil. In the case of the Erbe Roadrunners, its founder accepts a bottle of the stuff in good spirits every year.



Take a photo of yourself and your fellow runners and send it to us at so we can post the photo on our social media channels.

(By sending the email, the persons on the picture agree to the publication).

And so we know who you are or where you run, you can download your t-shirt sticker here.

The sticker is double A4 size. Print the file, choose your favorite design, cut it out and enter your name or the country where you run in the empty field. Attach the sticker to your shirt with safety pins or tape.

What else we wish from you: Have fun!


You are an employee of the Erbe Group and you want to get in touch with other Erbe Roadrunners?

Then send us your consent and we will invite you to participate in an in-company teams chat. ​

Send your email address to, entering "Erbe Roadrunner community" in the subject line.


This is how it works

FAQ Virtual Charity Run 2022


Anyone who enjoys running can take part in the Virtual Charity Run. If you want to remain flexible in terms of space and time, but still want to contribute your part to the Erbe Run 2022, you will have the opportunity to run as often as you like between the 10th and 18th of September, and collect your kilometers for a good cause. No matter how, no matter where, no matter when.

Starting fees

There are no starting fees. Participation is free of charge!

Roadrunner Community

The Erbe Roadrunners are the team of Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH. Become part of this community and register for the Virtual Charity Run as "Erbe Roadrunners". Your family members and friends can also run for our team.

Registration/registration deadline

  • The registration takes place online via the portal of mika:timimg GmbH (switch to English language). Select the Virtual Charity Run.

  • Registration deadline is 18.09.2022

  • Register as a "Erbe Roadrunners" and become part of our community.

  • Late registrations are also possible during the run period from September 10 to 18.

  • The registration confirmation will be sent by mail.

Can I unsubscribe again?

Yes, please contact our partner mika:timing at

How are my run kilometers recorded?

  • In your registration confirmation you will find the link to record your running activity. 

  • You can run every day from September 10 to 18 as far and as you like. No matter where, no matter when.

  • You record your running time with a fitness watch or your smartphone and enter it on the online portal.

  • Your results can be entered until midnight on September 18.

Route selection - no matter how, no matter where, no matter when

  • You have the opportunity to go on self-selected routes for a week.

  • How: Everyone has different physical conditions, so walking, hiking and handbiking are allowed to get as many kilometers as possible. Only please do not use the bicycle.

  • Where: Participation is possible anywhere in the world, for example, also on the treadmill, on vacation, walking the dog, hiking in the mountains, etc.

  • When: You can, for example, go for a round of walking with your colleagues during your lunch break or do your run late in the evening if it's too hot for you during the day. The only important thing is that you complete and upload your runs within the period September 10-18.

Can I participate in both the Virtual Charity Run and the Erbe Run?

You can participate in both runs.

Where does the donation I raise go?

  • All kilometers covered in the internationally designed Virtual Charity Run have to be submitted online and in return the main sponsor of the run, Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH, donates 50 cents for each kilometer to the international social partner DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS.

  • Those who take part in the Erbe Run locally in Tübingen on September 17 and 18 will automatically donate their kilometers to the regional social partner, the Tübinger Tafel - Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH will also donate 50 cents for each kilometer. In addition, the runners can generate a donation to the Tübinger Tafel themselves via the donation gate.

The larger our community, the larger the donation. Join in!

There are two social partners this year?

Right. This year we decided to support a local AND an international organization.


The results lists will be made available online. Through the link of the results you have the possibility to download your certificate at home and print it yourself.

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